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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lovin' These Kids

I'm 30. I can call them kids. :o)

I seriously LOVED taking pictures of these two. They were so in love, so sweet, and pretty darn cute. I loved that they were willing to do anything, and they came up with a lot of their poses themselves. I like that, because then it fits their personality better. We started at 7:30 AM and had a blast!

"Let's pretend we're playing Twister!" This was the last pose we did before we ended the shoot. So cute!

Ah...this picture is so cute, and could her hair look any better with that gold water feature in the back? Seriously!

On the next one, I couldn't believe their spacing with the lines on the wall! Can you believe that? It's insanely perfect!!!!

I absolutely LOVED what they were wearing!

She is so gorgeous! I am excited to see her in her wedding gown next month!


Auburn said...

such great pictures! love them!

Unknown said...

I think these two are pretty darn cute too! I think she is gorgeous, but I might be a little prejudice. That gold water feature in the background was built by my TJ! Oh and Uncle Dennis too.

Carma Lee said...

Such fun and cute pics! Great job!!

Anne said...

Cute couple and I love the jumping shot!