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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More of my new little one...

I have had a hard time getting enough time and energy to shoot, edit, and post this new little thing. Here are a few more!

My little burrito. This little blanket was sent to me by a mission companion. I'm in love with the blankets she sends (I have six now because she sends me two every time I have a baby!), and I'm especially in love with this one! I think it is gorgeous. And it's soooo soft! Yum. The edging around it makes me want to learn how to crochet. As soon as my mom gets home from Nepal, I'm going to have her teach me this art.


Little nakey. Not a single accident. What an angel!


My personal favorite of the shoot. :o) Big bows on little heads make me happy. Still burrito-wrapped too. Bright-eyed and beautiful! LOVE THIS LITTLE THING!!!!


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Heather said...

Kristy, this seems crazy but you took pics of my girls last spring at Joes Barn and Grill. They had polka dot dresses and bare feet. I was never able to afford to buy prints I was wondering if you still had the pics and if I could order a cd so I at least have the pics for future wedding videos and such. My email is noonheat@hotmail.com