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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Child of God

One more. I forgot to put this in my last post earlier today. I love this one. It's in L's room as a 5x7 next to a super close up 8x10 of her adorable face and smile and teeth and crinkled nose. Might as well include said picture since it's so stinkin' cute. :o)


L's first birthday. She is delicious. And every time I put her down, we look around her room at all the pictures, and she gets such a kick out of it.


Random Prints

Here are some of the fun things I've been doing lately. Comment, email or call for design quotes. Most of them are just $10 for the digi-files, but if you want a whole bunch, or if you want them professionally printed, we'll need to chat. :o)

State & Country Art. For several people. I ended up with different colors in my kitchen, but I have AZ and WY in my kitchen, size 11 x 14, printed with a linen texture finish. I love them. I'd give a nice discount for multiple states/countries ordered. Colors are completely customizable.


For Kelsey's Mission. Peru, Chiclayo. Love it. I love the chevron stripes in this one. And she loves green.


For Mimi & Papa. Their kids live in three different states AND Germany! I love this print. I printed it as an 8x10. I think it deserves to be a bit bigger, but we'll see.


For my laundry room. Love this. I need a good mud picture. It would show more "dirty laundry" as you can see the girls' clothing isn't all that dirty... I just need to get a mud pic. Someday...


Crown. Designed for C & A's room, but ended up in L's. In a pink 5x7 frame from Ikea. Super simple. Very cute. This one would only be $2 for the digi-file.


For my kitchen, printed at a 12x12. Hopefully you can see the light cream diagonal stripes in the background. I love this.


For my sister who loves to have me recreate random posters and prints she sees on Pinterest. I love it too. This one hasn't found a home on my wall, and I'm not sure I'll ever have a place for it, but we'll see. :o) I think it's super cute. My copycat designs always end up different, but I sometimes enjoy finding the initial idea/quote. Currently formatted to 8 x 10.


Oh, man. Designing that ice cream poster made me CRAVE ice cream! I'm going to have to hit the store tomorrow... YUM.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Four Months Old

I know. She looks much older with All.That.Hair.

Seriously. Love this hair. And love her momma too. :o) I was so happy to be in Utah last week at the same time as my big sis, Deb. Her littles are adorable. I took pics of the big bro too, and they'll be up soon. I also photographed my other nieces and nephew who live in the SLC area, and their pics are also scrumptious. And coming soon. Stay tuned.

This is the niece who gets the lovely sunshine print in her room-to-be.

Still, can you handle all that hair???? She came out like that. Delicious.



Oh, man. I love me some babies!

My Little Cowgirl

SO FUN TO DESIGN!!! I loved this! This is the first time I've splurged for one of my kids' bday invitations, and I am a huge fan. If you need a bday invite, I'm your girl. Give me a call, and we'll talk designs!

P.S. If you were invited to this party, you'll notice all the information is all wrong. To protect my little cowgirl's party.


Printed on Art Watercolor Paper, Size 5 x 5
Minimum Order: 15 (no required increments)
$1.15 per card, including fancy linen envelopes
{$15 design fee -- waived on orders of over 30 cards}
Design fee is always waived for photography clients for six months after each photo session.

Leave a comment, email, or call me for more info. It all depends on what you want to do!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Numbers. Are you serious?

My husband told me today that I am crazy.

As if I needed anyone to verify that one. Ha ha.

I was supposed to be working on my math classes. He was watching the kids so I could work on my math classes. I DID work on the math classes, but I also needed a little break. :o) He walked in on this...

I have an old empty 8x20 frame that is missing its glass. I designed this for it to go in the kids' play area. Loving it. Now to find a glass cutter in my itty bitty city.


So the squares and the numbers and the centering took a bit of time... Totally worth it because I'm totally in love. It's formatted for an 8x20, which isn't all that common, but if you want a digital copy, it's yours (and yours alone, no sharing!) for $10.

P.S. My husband LOVES this. He even said it was worth the time I spent on it today. Score. :o)

And I found a super cheap ($4? and very plastic) 20x30ish poster frame at Ikea this week in UTAH (I wish Ikea were closer, but it's probably good that it isn't). I wanted it in my kids' play area. I designed this for it, and very quickly, so I'm not sure the design will stick. I have to fester over it for a few days. Ha ha. I'll post the final result when I send it in to be printed.


I was inspired by a few alphabet walls on my sister's Pinterest that I know I will not probably have a chance to recreate in my playroom. (sniff, sniff, woe is me). Maybe in the next house... Anyway, all my cute yummy designs are just $10 for the digital files. If you want something custom, PLEASE send me your thoughts and ideas and let me see what I can dream up for you. Fun times. Speaking of time...A & C are starting preschool soon. Should free up more time than I could ever have imagined for myself. Wow. Projects, here I come!

A Fresh Design

For my baby niece's room-to-be:


I've been doing a lot of designing for my kids' rooms, which are starting to look like cute little rooms right about now. I'm loving it. I've been doing some idea snagging from Etsy as well as coming up with some stuff of my own.

If you want something for your themed rooms, let me know. I'm always up for a fresh design. If you would like a digital copy of this sunshine print (formatted currently to an 8x10, but can be adjusted), email me.

It's just $10.