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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Numbers. Are you serious?

My husband told me today that I am crazy.

As if I needed anyone to verify that one. Ha ha.

I was supposed to be working on my math classes. He was watching the kids so I could work on my math classes. I DID work on the math classes, but I also needed a little break. :o) He walked in on this...

I have an old empty 8x20 frame that is missing its glass. I designed this for it to go in the kids' play area. Loving it. Now to find a glass cutter in my itty bitty city.


So the squares and the numbers and the centering took a bit of time... Totally worth it because I'm totally in love. It's formatted for an 8x20, which isn't all that common, but if you want a digital copy, it's yours (and yours alone, no sharing!) for $10.

P.S. My husband LOVES this. He even said it was worth the time I spent on it today. Score. :o)

And I found a super cheap ($4? and very plastic) 20x30ish poster frame at Ikea this week in UTAH (I wish Ikea were closer, but it's probably good that it isn't). I wanted it in my kids' play area. I designed this for it, and very quickly, so I'm not sure the design will stick. I have to fester over it for a few days. Ha ha. I'll post the final result when I send it in to be printed.


I was inspired by a few alphabet walls on my sister's Pinterest that I know I will not probably have a chance to recreate in my playroom. (sniff, sniff, woe is me). Maybe in the next house... Anyway, all my cute yummy designs are just $10 for the digital files. If you want something custom, PLEASE send me your thoughts and ideas and let me see what I can dream up for you. Fun times. Speaking of time...A & C are starting preschool soon. Should free up more time than I could ever have imagined for myself. Wow. Projects, here I come!

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Linds said...

HI, I love both of these! Is there a way to change the size if I were to buy them from you?