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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random Prints

Here are some of the fun things I've been doing lately. Comment, email or call for design quotes. Most of them are just $10 for the digi-files, but if you want a whole bunch, or if you want them professionally printed, we'll need to chat. :o)

State & Country Art. For several people. I ended up with different colors in my kitchen, but I have AZ and WY in my kitchen, size 11 x 14, printed with a linen texture finish. I love them. I'd give a nice discount for multiple states/countries ordered. Colors are completely customizable.


For Kelsey's Mission. Peru, Chiclayo. Love it. I love the chevron stripes in this one. And she loves green.


For Mimi & Papa. Their kids live in three different states AND Germany! I love this print. I printed it as an 8x10. I think it deserves to be a bit bigger, but we'll see.


For my laundry room. Love this. I need a good mud picture. It would show more "dirty laundry" as you can see the girls' clothing isn't all that dirty... I just need to get a mud pic. Someday...


Crown. Designed for C & A's room, but ended up in L's. In a pink 5x7 frame from Ikea. Super simple. Very cute. This one would only be $2 for the digi-file.


For my kitchen, printed at a 12x12. Hopefully you can see the light cream diagonal stripes in the background. I love this.


For my sister who loves to have me recreate random posters and prints she sees on Pinterest. I love it too. This one hasn't found a home on my wall, and I'm not sure I'll ever have a place for it, but we'll see. :o) I think it's super cute. My copycat designs always end up different, but I sometimes enjoy finding the initial idea/quote. Currently formatted to 8 x 10.


Oh, man. Designing that ice cream poster made me CRAVE ice cream! I'm going to have to hit the store tomorrow... YUM.


Auburn said...

So cute! I did a bunch of the AZ prints and put one of them in Benson's room. I need to blog them and get them sellin' ha ha. I'm LOVING the stripes.

Caralee said...

I want one of the dirty laundry ones with my kids for my laundry room! So true!